Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Sure This Will Help Study Habits

I wasn't aware that not just college dorms but even dormrooms were going co-ed; guess I haven't been paying close enough attention. One has to wonder at the wisdom of those who think that putting college age males and females in the same sleeping quarters "isn't aimed at romantic couples" or doesn't have the effect of promoting sexual immorality. Even if there are many examples of "platonic" male/female dormrooms, is that really something we want to encourage? Whatever happened to even the most basic standards of decency and ethics in the way men and women relate to one another? Not a good trend, but I guess it's hard to stop now that living together before marriage has become the accepted norm in our culture. Here's the article:

The University of Chicago is joining a nationwide trend of allowing male and female students to live not just on the same dorm floor, but in the same dorm room.

The school sent a letter out to parents last week informing them of the decision. The school says it was a student-led initiative that isn't aimed at romantic couples. However, the school says couples won't be banned from asking to be roommates when the program begins next month.

Nationally more than 30 campuses allow co-ed dorm rooms.

The University of Chicago program is called open housing and it won't include freshmen. Students do not need parental permission to participate. The school says students will not be assigned mixed-gender housing. Instead it's on a request basis.

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