Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Third Day

One more thing about today’s Gospel reading from John 2, the wedding at Cana: The fact that Jesus performs the miracle of turning water to wine “on the third day” not only points forward to the resurrection, but also points back to the beginning, the third day of creation, when God brought forth the fruit-bearing plants from the earth. That this miracle brings forth 3rd-day fruit of the vine certainly adds to the new creation theme of Jesus' first sign.

If John’s Gospel starts with Day 1, (“In the beginning was the Word . . . The light shines in the darkness”), and today’s Gospel reading is akin to Day 3 of creation, would it be wrong to see Day 2 in Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, (the waters below and the waters above), when John the Baptist sees the Spirit descending from heaven and remaining upon Jesus (John 1:32)? I’m sure other theologians and commentators have pursued the parallels John the Evangelist makes to the days of creation and fleshed this out better. If anyone is aware of where such writings can be found, please feel free to comment below or email me.

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