Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alien Creation

This headline caught my eye this morning: 5 Projects Ask if Life on Earth Began as Alien Life in Space. Now I'm all for scientific inquiry and the pursuit of truly scientific knowledge, and this isn't the first time I've heard this theory proposed. But consider the lead paragraph from the article:

"For years, scientists have considered the possibility of exogenesis, the idea that life arrived on Earth from another planet, and not just the building blocks of life, but organisms that were ready to rock and roll when they arrived. It’s a Rube Goldberg scenario, however, dependent on several successful steps. First, life has to evolve on an alien planet. Then it must be blasted into space on a rock, probably from a large impact. Assuming it survives a long journey through harsh conditions—and makes its way into our neighborhood—life then has to resist fiery atmospheric entry and a brutal landing before trying to make a new home for itself. Here are several research projects looking at the feasibility of such a fantastic voyage."

Yet they think it's foolish and irrational to believe in Creation! And of course they never explain how the alien life came into being or how dead elements anywhere in the universe can become living organisms on their own. Maybe if we start referring to God as the ultimate Alien and His creating as Massive Exogenesis, then they'd give consideration to the Biblical account. Sheesh.

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Rev.Fr.Burnell F Eckardt said...

"Here are several research projects looking at the feasibility of such a fantastic voyage" -- and one can only marvel at the obscene amount of money being spent on finding out the origin of life. Bibles are a tad cheaper.